Lots of Catching Up! Very Little Time!

28 Oct

moving truck arrives!

So, we are quickly approaching then end of the 1st nine weeks here at school, which happens to coincide with the arrival of our household goods shipment (basically, our overseas moving truck!) our formerly smooth, clean, sparsely decorated, modern German apartment is now crammed with boxes.

Let me catch y’all up, though, on some recent activities:

We went to Poland. We traveled through Bautzen, Germany (an adorable little European town), shopped for Polish pottery (extensively), visited Auschwitz, and stayed at an adorable hotel called the “Blue Beet Root”

me, in the first of fifteen-ish pottery shops

a basket full of polish teapots

the most comfortable bed ever at the blue beet root

Also, we went to a German-league ice hockey game! It was hysterical. The crowds looked exactly the same, but they were speaking German and drinking beer out of glasses (not plastic cups). The Germans have apparently not mastered the art of keeping the ice frozen yet still maintaining a reasonable temperature for the audience, so it was FREEZING! And, at this point, I still hadn’t gotten my winter jacket or shoes in my shipment, so I was wearing Crocs and a windbreaker while watching ice hockey in a 32° room! The solution to this, I thought, was to buy a hot chocolate. They didn’t have hot chocolate. They had glühwein: hot mulled, spiced red wine. It was pretty much the best and the worst hockey game I have every been to!

hockey night in schweinfurt

glühwein, a drink for cold temperatures!

We visited Bamberg, a seriously gorgeous town about an hour from us (its where our students used to have to go to school) to hang out with some friends who live there. This town truly deserves its own post, so for now, just a teaser:

Bamberg Räthaus

And last but not least, we bought our first furniture from a German furniture store! Woohoo sleek modern German aesthetic!

the golden throne

(let’s pretend you didn’t think i was serious about that purchase…)

For now, we are unpacking furiously, trying to plan an Ikea run to buy some actual furniture (we sold pretty much all of our furniture before we left) and also trying to be professional teachers who process grades in a timely manner (yeah…or not).

Please enjoy this gorgeous shot of sunset over the Main river right here in downtown Schweinfurt…

sunset over the river Main...

♥ love. amor. liebe ♥


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