Germany is Cool:

10 Oct

So, I hope to show off some cool stuff about Germany every once in a while. Generally, this is stuff that I take pictures of while walking/driving along and say “look! how cool!” but that don’t really have any kind of story or blog-worthy entry associated with them. But, I want everyone to see the interesting things I see!

The Soccer Ball Pretzel:

Soccer Ball Pretzel

There is a bakery that Zack and I love right across the square from our apartment. It is called Bäck Werk (Baked Goods Factory…doesn’t have quite the same ring). They sell ridiculously cheap/delicious sandwiches. Some of them are even served on this pretzel bread that is carved in such a way that, when baked, rises to resemble the pattern of a soccer ball. Cool!
Señorita Fräulein


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