A Typical Dinner Out…

6 Oct

This is from back in the days when we lived in a hotel. A hotel that had a restaurant. A restaurant whose bill could be charged directly to our room…

Here are the characters:



Señorita Fräulein

We are dining at the Hotel Ross’ restaurant, which was about 20 feet directly below our hotel room and now is about 50 feet away from our current apartment. This was the site of many of our meals while we were living in a hotel room without the luxury of a mini-fridge or a microwave.

First we start off with a beverage.

You can’t really be all that surprised. Zack and I are huge beer lovers, and we knew that coming to Germany would fuel our passion for the glorious amber nectar. To be honest, though, as far as selection goes, we were better off back here. Here in this small town, we have two options as far as breweries: Brauhaus Schweinfurt & Roth Brauerei. Just like Pepsi vs. Coke in the United States, most establishments choose one or the other to populate their bierkarte*. Our hotel, for instance, only serves Roth vom faß*. The hotel we stayed at for our first week here served Brauhaus Schweinfurt. Once you know which brewery your restaurant serves, you pretty much just have one more decision: Pilsner or Hefeweizen. In the photo above, Zack ordered the Pils (on the left) and I ordered the Hefeweizen.

Wait, but whats that wacky little plate of food distracting us from our beer?

That is a little appetizer that they serve before the meal comes. It is a daily selection, a little nibble that the chef works on (with what I assume are surplus ingredients around the kitchen) and serves up to everyone. This one was a little bit of spring lettuce, lachs*, a creamy horseradish, and a small chunk of bell pepper. It is a perfect little taste to get the meal started.

Now, for the food…

Bratwurst "Blau Zapfel"

Bratwurst "Frankische"

Zack ordered the “Bratwurst Blau Zapfel” 3 sausages cooked in white wine, peppers, onions and cabbage. I ordered the “Bratwurst Frankische” which is fried and served with sauerkraut. They were both ridiculously good, but Zack and I both preferred mine! Yes, I win! As an aside, Zack & I have a completely sacred rule that we never break, and that is “Do NOT order the same thing at restaurants.”  This inevitably leads to me being a bit competitive and proclaiming there was a dinner “winner” a.k.a. the person who ordered the most beloved dish. That part about there being a dinner “winner” may or nay not be completely in my head, but you better believe it is a serious competition.

Schokolade Eis

Because we are fancy, we order a kugel* of schokolade eis*. When I say “we” I obviously mean “I”. Look how fancy! A doily! A ice-cream-cone-wafer! A tiny spoon!

Now that we have moved into our apartment, we are gladly eating our old standby’s (thanks to a trip to America a.k.a The Commissary) of Velveeta Shells & Cheese with broccoli and chicken. We can no longer get reimbursed for  fancy dinners out, but we still dream about these meals. We think back to our days at the Ross Hotel fondly, especially when my mind stumbles upon the last few minutes before we paid the bill. The super-hunk waiter would come over, his chiseled face and charming smile beaming from across the dining room, and in his near-perfect English, ask me…

“do you have any desires?”

love. amor. liebe.

P.S. We are going to Poland tomorrow! We have a three and a half day long weekend and a group of teachers are taking a quick three hour trip to Poland!


*bierkarte- bier=beer, karte=menu

*vom faß- on tap

*lachs-smoked salmon

*kugel– scoop, ball

*schokolade eis– chocolate ice cream


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