our german apartment

4 Oct

After a whirlwind week of…to be honest, I couldn’t even tell you what went on this week. It was a seemingly endless cycle of paperwork, bank visits, meetings with our immobilien (rental broker), and whipped cream pie in the face. I kid you not, this week has been real.But it all works out just fine because I am finally blogging from a computer of my own and I am blogging from our permanent home!

i ❤ my new imac!

Working for the military in Europe is so great, They take care of you and make it cost-effective for you to move and live here. They buy you a flight over here, and they put you up in a hotel and pay for your food and laundry for up to 90 days while you look for an apartment, which they will later pay for!

the view from the Ross Hotel, our home for the last month...

It is pretty much the best deal ever, except that you must file extensive, lengthy, complicated paperwork and only then will you be reimbursed for all of that loveliness! Which means that we have been paying our own way over here for the last month while all this paperwork has been processed. This has been extremely stressful, but relieved slightly by the fact that eventually we would have a little bit of money. Finally, though, we are in a place that is less stressful and we can begin to relax a little bit.

The biggest hurdle for the teachers over here is finding a place to live. The minute we landed, pretty much, people were asking us if we had started looking for a place. We thought people were ridiculous and we hadn’t even considered starting. On a whim, though, we emailed an immobilien about a cute apartment we had seen on the German version of Craig’s List. We emailed for information, made an appointment to look at the apartment, and…essentially we fell in love. As you can see, the apartment is directly next door to the hotel where we’ve been staying.

the view from our apartment's living room...

The apartment was more than we could have even imagined. It’s not huge, at 104 meters squared. But, it is exactly right for us.

living room with our couch (well...bed until our household goods come!)

The apartment is very modern and, being partly situated on the attic level, oddly-shaped, so the landlord included some custom furniture. Also, he included a weekly cleaning lady!If only you knew how in love I was with that idea! Almost as much as having a sweet dishwasher!

the terrace…

 Having some outdoor space was super important to us. We like to relax & eat outside, grow some plants, see if our favorite döner-kepab place is open…

The best part of this place is the view! Both sides!

sunset from the living room window...

sunset from the kitchen terrace...

In other news, this past week was homecoming here! I stepped outside of my comfort zone a little bit and started participating in the school spirit-y events a little but more. This had some mixed results.


Chain-ganging (holding the markers with the chain attached to measure the downs) for the high school football game.

Having the students recognize my crazy chain-ganging skills

Building a bit of a rapport with my students by being involved in out-of-classroom things (aka I can speak English and be a little nicer…)


It sure does suck up my personal time that I could use to explore Germany!

Whipped cream in your hair, on your shirt and up your nostrils starts to smell about 7 minutes after it is thrown in your face by a student.

Did I mention I take the bus home from work? Yeah, I was not popular that day…

chain gang...hangin' with the refs...

Anyways, we are now just waiting on our shipment to come so that we’ll be able to actually settle in our new place!

kitchen at dusk...

love. amor. liebe.


2 Responses to “our german apartment”

  1. Allyson October 6, 2011 at 11:10 pm #

    you’re apartment is gorgeous!! sounds like you’re having an amazing time….except for paperwork, but honestly, what’s a little paperwork when you have a terrace like that…and that kitchen! you must be in *Himmel* (did google translator get that right?) love and miss you…can’t wait to plan a visit!! xoxo

  2. Erin October 7, 2011 at 12:40 am #

    awesome apartment!! you chose well taking the plunge!

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