Adventures in (European) Dog Sitting

17 Sep

Zack & I at The Olive

So we just finished our very first full week of school! This school functions on a block schedule, which means that we have an A day, where I I have a prep period plus three 90 minute classes. Then we have a B day, where I have a prep period plus three other 90 minute classes. Then Wednesday is another A day, Thursday is a B day, and then Friday is a C day, where I see all of my classes for just 50 minutes each. It’s definitely different teaching for 90 minutes at a time, when I’ve only ever taught for 43 minutes at time. We’re doing a lot of different things: using Blackboard (an online virtual classroom), the SmartBoard and the audio materials in my text book.

At the end of the day, school is school, except everyone is SO nice. I can’t imagine doing this here without the people I have met so far.There is a teacher here who picks us up every morning to take us to school. There is a teacher here who is borrowing a car from another teacher, and she drives us to run errands like going to housing, opening a bank account and going to the grocery store. Another group of teachers invites us along on day trips around Germany! This job seriously is the best kept secret in education.

On Friday after school we did laundry (thanks to yet ANOTHER fellow teacher!) and we went out to dinner at a Greek restaurant called the Olive. The food was so good, the ingredients so fresh! All of us were Friday-cranky, though. Did you know that? That teachers are pretty much unmanageable on a Friday evening? We all might as well just go have a beer at 5 pm, go home and go to sleep at 7. Anyways, one of the teachers and his wife were going to a relative’s house to stay the weekend and couldn’t bring their dog. So, we offered to dog-sit for them. So, this is how we spent our weekend trolling around Schweinfurt with a pup!


On Saturday, after we met our friends for the dog-switcheroo, we walked around the town and stumbled upon a little festival.  The best way we can describe it is that it seems that once a year, the town gets a little peek at how their taxes are working. So, the military and the fire department have a little street party. They had a band, with a food tent and a beer tent. Again, we noticed that the beer is served in real mugs, and when you return your mug, you get 2€ back.

Me at the Festival with our Brauhaus Schweinfurt Hefe Weisen

Me at the Festival with our Brauhaus Schweinfurt Hefe Weisen

the main square with the band and all the tables

Along with that, they had the German army recruiting and doing some demonstrations (like playing with the humungous guns and checking out their vintage and current army vehicles).

2 tickets to the gun show

german children practice shooting

The main event, though, was a demonstration by the firefighters. There was a beat up VW Polo in the middle of the square surrounded by firefighters dressed in their full gear. In the car was a guy smiling and getting his picture taken. We were curious why this seemingly innocuous scene was gathering such a crowd.

the crowd gathers...

At some point, however, we realized that this was a demonstration. The man was “trapped” in the car and the fire crew was going to “rescue” him.  So they set about breaking the windows, tearing off the doors, ripping the roof open and eventually pulling the man out. It took all of 30 minutes to completely demolish this car. They even strapped the man to a rescue gurney and gave him a fake saline drip. Everyone was watching this whole thing take place, and at the end, the crowd went crazy, applauding the firefighters.

firefighters surround the man in the car

breaking windows, ripping off doors, peeling the roof back...

All Zack and I could think was, “hmm, I wonder where they got that VW Polo…”

Today is a rainy Sunday, and since nothing is open, I think I will try my hand at taking the bus to school to get some work done. Never in my life have I gone into school on the weekend, but I REALLY need to get some work done!

the buses pretty much never late...

We are looking at an apartment tomorrow, wish us luck! Maybe the first apartment we look at will be the one!


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