I could rewind, or I could just keep playing…

11 Sep

I am so excited to be able to keep up with friends in a more concise, productive way. It has been tempting to email everyone I love individually with every exciting/scary/awe-inspiring moment since I have been here, but honestly, I would never get a damn thing done.

Let’s just say that I’m in Germany and I absolutely love it. We have been having some problems with official stuff that is holding up our pay and reimbursement for travel expenses and accommodations since we’ve arrived. Even that (pretty darn big) problem has not distracted us from how much we absolutely love this place.

Schweinfurt is picture of our ideal European town. We are staying in the center of the town. We have our choice of dozens of coffeeshops, bakeries, dirndl-shops and bookstores. There’s even an H&M across the street! At the same time, though, we can hear church bells from a few blocks away chiming away all the time. At 11:00 tonight, we hear the church bells again; a softer version than earlier today, but still reminding us, “Hey! You’re in Europe!”

...the view from our hotel room.

School is school. It’s like every day we are transported from our little Euro-haven to a miniature American High School. It is so bizarre, transitioning from our little town square to the Honda that so dutifully picks us up each morning to our little pocket of the United States and back daily. And don’t even get me started on the different languages I interact with on a daily basis. Yikes. The German woman at the gästette (family kitchen/restaurant) asked us, in English, how our meal was. I replied, “muy bien…er…sehr gut…thanks.”

Zeughaus Gästette. Currywurst. Before

Zeughaus Gästette. Currywurst. After

Well, other than the whole going-to-work thing, this is still feeling vacation-y. Which is why it’s a total bummer to have to think about things like bedtime at 11:30 on a Sunday. Especially this Sunday, when all I want to do is stay up all night remembering alongside my fellow Americans. I spent a good portion of the day remembering that day and being so grateful to not have lost anyone 10 years ago and thankful to all those who continue to support my country.

I also spent a good part of my day exploring/falling in love with this city. Pictures to come whenever I figure out how to do that here.

Love. Amor. Liebe.


4 Responses to “I could rewind, or I could just keep playing…”

  1. Annie Masci September 13, 2011 at 12:09 am #

    Hey Laura, glad things are going well for you, hope they workout the pay thing that has to be hard. The boys are doing well, they seem to like Brashear so far, (keeping my fingers crossed). Antonio made the soccer team and of course loves it. Cenzo can’t play football this year due to he missed the first week of mini camp because he was on vacation with Claudio. Oh well, next year…I started my new job at Red Robin at the Village and I love it. They are way busier there than Applebee’s. Can’t wait to see your pictures..Talk to you soon, we miss and love you..Annie and the boys

  2. starlit Koshar September 13, 2011 at 3:20 am #

    You guys do a lot of eating!!! Glad you are doing well and are happy!

  3. Jean myers September 18, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    Hi Laura,
    So glad that you and Zack are enjoying your surroundings and your positions.
    The village looks very charming. This blog is a great way of keeping in touch with everyone.
    Today is your Dad’s BD, we are planning to go to Claudio’s for dinner and then do something during leaf-watching season for further celebration. Thinking of the Stonewall Resort in Va. It is right on a lake amidst mountains. Very pretty.
    Stay well, we look forward to further posts. I’ll show this to your Dad.
    Lot of love, Jean and Dad

    • senoritafraulein September 18, 2011 at 9:38 pm #

      Excellent! I was just about to Skype with my mom, and I was going to have her call my dad on my behalf. Well, happy birthday dad!!! I’m so glad that you guys are able to read this! Keep following, I’m hoping to update more frequently once I get my own computer!

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